I have been learning to sew! Shocking, because I never did it well when we had it at school. I guess with bellydance, I’ve been forced to learn to sew. My mom has been doing my sewing, but she can only see properly in the morning, so sewing time is pretty limited.

I took it upon myself to learn so that I can sit and do it while I watch TV, or when I’m bored. I’ve also bought cowrie shells so that I can learn to thread those tribal style! I’ll try and record a video sometime to show how to thread cowrie shells, but time is limited at the moment because of final exams. Plus, my dad is going to Russia tomorrow so I won’t actually have a camera for a while.

I probably should’ve done it this holiday, but we had computer troubles. *sigh* Does it ever end??

I’ll take a picture of my new bellydance bra when I’m done with it, I just need to buy some sturdy material for straps and then I’ll be done! 😀

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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