Quick update…

I’ve been a terrible blogger! I’m meant to keep up to date and rant and rant, but I’m lazy. *sigh* Thought I’d just write a quick entry before heading off to the bathroom to do my make up for tonight [feel like dressing up for class!]

I’m performing at the Oriental Festival on the 25th and 26th of October. I’m pretty excited because it’s a big event, and there are loads of things for sale! My troupe will be performing an ATS dance, a bhangra piece, a fusion dance to Jai Ho and our more “glitzy” belly dance. Last term I helped teach the intermediate group the glitzy dance, Asina. They managed to pick it up a lot faster than I did when I learnt it! I also managed to give a cool-down session at one point! It was nerve wrecking!! I’m sure with practice it would get easier, but I was kind of nervous because my teacher was sitting right next to me, and my sister was watching the class that night!!

I have made no further progress with the tribal bra. *cries* I ran out of material… but hopefully if I sit down and commit myself to it this weekend, I can get it done!! I WILL DO IT!! Hmm.

Tonight I’m trying false eyelashes for the first time, I have no idea what I’m doing, or what it’s going to look like! But that’s the beauty of bellydance, eh? Trying new things!!

I’m out of here, will update soon soon!


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