2009 Oriental Festival

I ran out of bandwidth in the middle of last month, so I did WANT to blog but I couldn’t. Sorry!


Doing our ATS at the festival

My studio, Maya Dance Troupe, was dancing on both the Saturday and the Sunday. On the Saturday we danced at about 1pm, Sunday was 3pm. I was dressed and ready long before I even had to leave the house! I’m a bit weird like that, I can’t handle it when people are late, so I always try my hardest to be on time for everything — even if it means being early.

We actually had a music mess-up on the Sunday, the audio guy bumped the table and our music skipped! But just before that happened, we’d forgotten a set of moves, and thanks to the music skipping, it gave us enough time to jump awake and realise where we were in the dance! Besides that, it was a success and I got some brilliant outfit ideas from all the stalls and people!

I’m already working on my next outfit… it’s slowly coming together in my head! I got a few coins from my dad a while ago, and he wanted me to use them for a dance outfit. I put them away and never really thought of them again, until tonight. I have some fabulous material my dad got from one of his trips to Ghana, and I’ll use that as a “border” for the belt.

When I was at the festival, I saw some zills for sale — R300!!! They must be mad… I’ll look for them online, I can probably find them cheaper. Although I’m not too keen to learn zills, I think it’s a must for all belly dancers who want to go further to have as many “props” as possible. Such as swords, canes, zills, veils, etc. I’m also thinking of making some fan-veils, which were also for sale at the festival for a ridiculous price. But I suppose it’s right if you don’t want to make the things yourself… I’ll have to find some really, really nice silk or something as close to it as possible. I enjoy making dance outfits and thinking of creative ways to use all the different things I’ve collected over the last few years.

I’m in the middle of my final (final!) exams right now, but I’m still marching to my own beat. 😉 I have a haffla coming up this Thursday, and I’m writing Maths the next day. I thought hard about whether I should go, because I wouldn’t want to go and then only get home late. But I’ve decided to go! Which just shows you how I value my dancing over my school work, eh? It’s starting at 6.30pm, so it’s not too late. Besides, my troupe needs me! hehe! Well I’ve written one exam so far, Afrikaans (my second language), and it went very well! It was quite easy! I write English tomorrow, Computer Theory on Thursday and then Maths on Friday… haha! I will have no time on Thursday to study… Oh well! I’ve been prepping all of last week for this exam and am already prepping for the next Monday (which is Maths P2). I think I’m adequately prepared. Although after the pre-liminary exam for Maths I should be very, very worried!

At this point, I’m over it. 😉 Would much rather dance!

Love the purple one, really beautiful!


If anybody knows of any tutorials on how to make fan-veils, let me know!

Also, what do you think of my new bra? 😀 (first pic!)

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