Layali Hafla

Nov09 020

Shadow of a dancer

I think I mentioned the upcoming Hafla in my last post, so I’m not going to explain it again. 🙂 I actually did go, as you can tell by the picture, which is NOT of me!! Hehe! I didn’t bother to get somebody to take photos of us because I’m sure I’ll get them through the grapevine eventually!

It was a really good night, it started a bit late, but the snacks made up for it! 😉 We were performing 3 times, our “Lobeknocker” dance (From Sera’s East Coast Tribal DVD), a dance we learnt from the lovely SOMA ladies for the International Bellydance Day, and then our very own ATS dance! We don’t do improv ATS just yet — we’re not that brave! 🙂 When we go to events like this, I’m always worried about what the crowd will think of Tribal Fusion because it’s still so new here and a lot of people don’t like it! Especially if they’re used to the more Egyptian or Turkish styles. But they responded so well to it and some people came up to me to talk to me about the origins of Fusion dance. I had to be honest and tell her I wasn’t too sure, but the thing about Fusion is that it borrows from all dance forms, with belly dance as it’s base. And that fusion is very rooted in ATS, or at least heavily influenced by it.

I saw some things on Thursday night I’ve never seen live before, Isis wings, zills, beledi cane dancing and a dance to a song from The Godfather! Teeheehee! I don’t think she knew where it came from, but it was a really nice veil dance. I don’t think that beledi is really for me… I just wasn’t into it, although holding onto those canes and swinging them around was impressive!! Another thing I was very impressed by was the zills — I don’t think I’d ever be able to get that right… it was awesome seeing it live because I’ve only even seen it on YouTube videos and DVDs.  I used to find it incredibly annoying, and distracting. I still find it distracting from the dancing (because you’re watching the hands, not the dance) but I like it a lot more. 🙂 The Isis wings were also really nice because they were performed by Miss Bellydance South Africa’s runner up! It was amazing to see it live and I very desperately want a pair!

I also got to see a friend of mine, Roxanne, which was awesome because we’ve been chatting via twitter and facebook for a while and I finally met her at the Oriental Festival and then got to see her dance at the Hafla! She did a really nice drum solo, but I admit that I took quite a few photos during her performance because she makes the most gorgeous lines! Unfortunately, I only got about 1 good one because my camera wouldn’t focus! And it’s tough taking photos of moving dancers!!

I do have a video of our final performance for the Hafla evening – the ATS. But because of limitations with bandwidth, I have to wait until the end of the month! Will keep you in suspense until then! 🙂


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  1. Hey, I’ve just come across your blog post (through Roxanne) I’m not much of a writer so I like to support others blogs by reading them!! I know it takes a lot!! :o)

    You write very nicely…keep it up!

    Thanks for coming to dance at my 1st Haffla…you girls were stunning. I was telling Frieda that I hope to have the privilege in having you girls come again in our future events. I hope to have a bit more help in organizing it next time as its quite a mission! But it went well I think considering how many ladies showed up! I couldn’t believe it! Sorry if you thought it started late, I failed to specify that the performances would only start at 7:30 to give time to all the latecomers! (I’ll make sure to specify that more clearly next time so the dancers aren’t nervously wondering when they’re going to start!)

    Glad you enjoyed the performances and saw something new. I think its very important to have a well-rounded knowledge of Belly Dancing and the styles and origins. I hope to always keep it very traditional and with a variety of styles as to educate the audiences!

    Keep up with your blog! I’ll make sure to read it! xxx Lara

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