Workshops, Yoga and Exams!

Ansuya in SA 2010

Ugh! What a week it’s been! I’m in the middle of final exams, and this week was incredibly hectic and SO tiring! I wrote a terrible Maths exam the day after the Hafla – it was bad nation wide because so much crucial information was left out that we could barely do the sums. The Education Department is blaming the teachers, saying that they didn’t prepare us, etc. I feel that it was a tough paper and I was well prepared by my teacher, but they can’t expect us to all be geniuses? Either way, I’m glad it’s over! The following Monday I wrote my second Maths paper, which went much much better! Yesterday (the Friday in the same week as the Maths) I wrote my Physics exam, which was horrible as well! And on Monday I write Chemistry – blegh! Can’t wait to be done with these exams!!

I received some VERY exciting news from Roxanne – Ansuya is coming to South Africa! We recently had Sharon Kihara, but I couldn’t go to that workshop because it was incredibly expensive! R1900 for the entire weekend… Ansuya is doing 2 weekend workshops, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town. And is charging R1995 per weekend! Admittedly, you get a pretty certificate or something afterwards… but still. When I got the news I was really excited because I thought it would be a good opportunity to dance with an international superstar! I’ve only seen a few Ansuya performances (I’ll explain why soon!) and I wasn’t mad about her because she pulls strange faces when she dances! haha! But I’ve always thought she’s an excellent dancer, and I wouldn’t turn a workshop down because of the woman’s face! Now I read through the contract thing very carefully too see what conditions are included in this contract. And then I realised why I almost never see her performances!

Video Cameras: Ansuya does not permit any filming of her workshops OR performances whatsoever. You will NOT be permitted to bring video cameras or other recording devices such as cell phones, etc into the workshops / performance spectacular. You are welcome to take photos with Ansuya AFTER the workshop has finished.

Now I understand why she won’t allow her workshops to be video-taped because it’s her livelihood and showing the video to others would be pretty much taking business away from her. But not recording her performances seems a bit extreme? I’ve always felt that a theater performance (a ballet, play, etc)  shouldn’t be recorded, but I don’t think they’ll organise a proper theater for her and she’ll be dancing for public, so why not record it? *sigh* I hope I’m making some sense… Either way, I’ve decided I can’t afford to go to the workshop, so I’ll keep saving for something I do really want, or a workshop I won’t let go! Which is down to Ms. Rachel Brice herself and I’d think about a Zoe Jakes workshop… she’s crazy! 🙂

Now onto the yoga segment of this blog post! I saw a friend of mine, Joanna, has been doing a “yoga challenge” – everyday she does at least 20min of yoga and then records it on her blog (check it out here!) . Now while she started more or less the beginning of November, I don’t think it’s too late for me to start! Then I’ll [hopefully] be yoga-fit by the holiday season! About 6months ago I did yoga a lot! And I could feel my dancing change and myself becoming stronger. Especially for my backbends, which is what I focussed on and it was getting really beautiful! Then exams came and I started to neglect it, and I haven’t done it in ages! In dance class, we’re all choreographing a dance to some strange music we’ve loved for ages! In it, we all stand in a line (behind each other) with me in front all facing the audience, and slowly we come out of it – now I don’t want to give then entire game away, but I’m the only person in my dance class brave enough and young enough to do a backbend, so that’s what I’m doing!! I need to seriously work on it this holiday to get it top notch! So that’s one of the reasons I want to do this yoga challenge. I don’t know if I’ll blog everyday, but I’ll try! Just short little pieces about how it’s going… I’m quite excited to start! I won’t be able to do it in a class, but I have books and DVD things to do it from.

One last thing to talk about before I get to bed… In South Africa our DVDs and CDs are VERY expensive, about R160 for a new CD and up to R300 for “specialist” CDs for things like bellydance. And DVDs can be anything from R100 to R500! It works out much cheaper to bring in CDs and DVDs from the US or UK. I’m looking to bring in a floorwork DVD and the Tribal Evolution performance DVD which I fell in love with! I’ll also bring in some music, but I’ll only do that after Christmas, because of course now prices are sky high!! Will give the full list of what I want as soon as I have it!

Happy Shimmies!


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  1. Alex, have you seen Bellydance Superstars Live in Paris? Ansuya does some great performances on there- it’s what made me like her in the first place but I admit her faces took some getting used to HAHA! But actually quite like her expressions now. If you havent seen this DVD let me know and i will copy it for you- I got it from Lara and its great- really inspiring :)Its got all the stars- Ansuya, Jillina, Amar Gamal, Rachel Brice, Sonia etc etc. Will then give it to you at the next belly dance get-together, which will hopefully be soon! x

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