2009: A bellydance year in review!

Last night I had my last dance class of the year and it got me thinking about 2009. It was an absolutely terrible year for me, personally but in the dancing sense – it was FANTASTIC! Dance-wise it’s the best year I’ve had yet (and I’ve only had 2.5 years of it).

At the beginning of the year I would make a little “x” on the dates that I performed – unfortunately I stopped doing it halfway through the year. I’m pretty confident that I’ve performed once a month – which is fantastic for me considering in 2008 I performed about 4 times?

This year I:

  • Attended my first workshop with Kimberly Mackoy – not only a gorgeous dancer, but a lovely person!
  • Learnt some basic (and not so basic) ATS
  • Performed with over 200 dancers on World Bellydance Day 2009
  • Became unofficial substitute teacher in training for my troupe – Maya Bellydance Troupe
  • Finally mastered liquid eyeliner!
  • Made my very first bellydance bra
  • Learnt to sew
  • Hand-made my entire tribal outfit
  • Made some incredible online friends
  • Performed at least once a month and only ever missed 2 classes!

I hope that 2010 will hold more for me in the dancing sense and in the personal sense – I need it! 🙂 And this holiday I vow to keep dancing at least once a week (as if for class) and then extra if I can! A special thanks to YOU who read my blog – seeing the views go up constantly keeps me writing this because people are obviously coming back to read it. So thank you and feel free to comment or send me a link to your blog! I would LOVE to read it!


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  1. Well done on your belly achievements this year Alex! Got me inspired to do a similiar post. Especially loved the “liquid eyeliner” accomplishment- essential for all us belly babes! 😉

    Keep dancing, and have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. Hi there!

    It’s lovely to find another bellydancing blog, particularly in (to me) far-flung South Africa. Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland!

    I can totally empathise with the ‘Learning to Sew’ and ‘Made my first bellydance bra’ highlights of the year. Major congrats on performing every month – go you!

    Take care x

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