These are a few of my favourite links!

I’ve noticed that I get the inspiration to write at least once a week – which is great because it’s becoming more of a habit! In this post, I want to just give you guys some of my favourite links, because I know that I love looking at everything belly dance, and I’m sure you do too!


Since I’m a blog writer myself, I always like to read and support other belly dance blogs. Here are four that I keep regular tabs on – if you have a blog then send me a link! I’d LOVE to read it!

  • Roxanne‘s blog is called “Shimmies, sequins & slippers” and is about her life as a belly dancer. It’s really interesting to read her blogs because often her and I end up at the same events – and it’s always good to hear what others have to say!
  • Lorna’s blog is written by a Scottish born belly dancer who performs and lives in Cairo! VERY interesting read to see what her life as a professional performer is all about!
  • Joanna Ashleigh’s blog revolves around many things, it started out as a place to put inspirational quotes and now it’s a yoga-journal. She describes her classes and how she feels about them, I really like this blog because its REAL – she says how she feels.
  • I came across Shelley’s blog because she had commented on my last post! I got pretty excited when I saw that she had a blog too and I read a couple of posts immediately. She writes about exactly what we all really write about – costuming, inspiration, trials and triumphs!

YouTube videos:

First bellydance video I can remember watching, I just thought that she had great stage personality:

First tribal dancer I saw: (fell in love!)

Saw this a few days ago for the first time and thought that it was really awesome:

The most incredible belly rolls I have EVER seen!

Well those are my links, if you want to see more of my favourite videos you can visit my YouTube channel [please visit, comment, rate and favourite! It really means a lot to me!] and check out my videos, or my favourites! 🙂

Hope everybody has a fantastic week! Will write a new post by this weekend!



  1. Hey lady,

    thank you for the link – but more than that thank you for those AMAZING videos! The bellyroll one was astounding. The control was something out of this world, and although I have to confess I was a bit creeped out (sorry!) watching some of it – even though I was completely captivated. Completely.

    The BDSS “Bellywood” video was a lovely find as well. I’ve not watched it in ages so it was a lovely reminder. And… given the very first dance that I learned was Bollywood (or ‘Bhangra’ as we called it then) it evoked some strong memories.

    I grew up in a neighbourhood that had had a lot of immigrants from Pakistan who had first started to come over in the 50’s and 60’s. When I was young (like 9 or 10) some of my classmates, who were second-generation Pakistani, and myself did, as part of the end of year class show, a Bollywood dance. The choreography adapted from a Bollywood movie by one of my classmates who was really good at it. It was really funny watching that clip and feeling my muscles twitch to copy some of the moves the BDSS stars were doing! I still remember the green shalwar kameez I wore that was hand-made by a friends Mum 🙂

    Thanks for sharing (and for the other blog links, I’m looking forward to reading them!)

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