Bring on 2010!

Hope everybody has had a really fantastic holiday/festive season! I know I was meant to write after New Year’s Day, but I just didn’t have anything to write about! And last night I had a bolt of inspiration hit me to write this blog!

I think I have to explain myself a bit. If you read through the blog, you get no idea what style of bellydance I actually do! During class last night I realised I like a taste of both worlds. I LOVE the glitz and glamour associated with caberet style – it’s so cheeky and the aim is to have fun! But then I’m also attracted to the slinky, darker side of tribal fusion – which I think is evolving to include more caberet style moves and mannerisms! The Indigo, which is the forefront of tribal fusion (you can deny it, but it’s true!) is starting to move away from the dark costumes & dark music and start to do cheekier things! (You can see the evolution during Tribal Fest (’06 – ’09) But that’s besides the point! In class last night, we did some veil work (which we haven’t done for a long time) and then worked on our fusion dance (which I love!). With the advanced class, she often includes us in choreography and we work together to make dances, suggesting moves, formations, etc. Last night she played this GORGEOUS music from a Buddah Bar CD, which blends from slower music to a drum solo type of dance. It’s a bit long, but really stunning! So I think I just do whatever we’re doing in the studio, and I love that we do a combination of the two, because they both compliment each other so well!

I ordered two things online a week ago, and I’m so impatient to receive them! They should come on the 2nd of February, according to the website.  I ordered a 3-CD combo called “Beginners Guide to Bellydance”, even though it says beginners it doesn’t mean that it is! 🙂 Frieda bought it and we use the CDs in almost every class,  with the 3 CDs being 3 different styles – Caberet, Tribal Fusion and Tribal (ATS) – And then the other thing I ordered is a floorwork DVD. Nobody in my class does floorwork because they don’t want to strain their back, or knees or anything. So I’m taking it upon myself to learn and then teach those who are interested. It’s a DVD called “Flawless Floorwork with Ruby” (I’ve included a video at the bottom!) I’m especially excited to get this one because I don’t think I should teach myself floorwork because I can so easily mess up my back/knees, etc.

The costume I was talking about, isn’t even close to finished! I got the 3 petal looking pieces done, but am now contemplating what to do next. I think I should do the skirt, because I know what I want for it, I just actually have to do it! Then comes the problem of doing the belt, which I have no idea how to do! I’ll just have to guess! Trial and error!

Something I need help with deciding (for a tribal outfit) on colours. I’ve got a darker outfit, with black and red as the main colours, but now I want to do a cream/ivory coloured one. Similar to what the Indigo have been doing recently. I love the look of the tribal style harem pants! I’m not sure what colour should accompany the cream/ivory. Somebody in my class wants to do olive green – which will be stunning! I thought of doing red, but I’m so sick of red things and blue things… I can’t think of which colour I should do? Help? Suggest in the comments, please! 🙂

I LOVE this look! (is she double-jointed??)

I’m sorry this is such a “all-over-the-place” post, but I think I just have a lot to say! Oh, and THANK YOU! I reached 230 views last month, and have over 100 this month already, and I haven’t even posted anything! Thanks guys! When I see people are reading my blog, it inspires me to actually write and keep you up to date!

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