Costuming Dilemmas galore!

I’ve gotten almost nowhere with my pink/purple costume, because I need advice and help and that’s slightly limited at home. Plus, I’ve just started my photography course (you can see my photo blog here!) so I’ve been a bit busy, although I have a feeling that this is as quiet as this year is going to get!

I had a massive costuming slump since finishing sewing the sequins in the butterfly pattern. I wasn’t sure if I really liked the design, or if it was cheap-looking or what. Also, I had no idea what to do with the belt, considering I only had a picture of the bra. Oh, and the other dilemma was that the bra I had bought didn’t fit me as well as I thought it did. I remember why I bought it – because it came higher on the sides, which is a problem when I buy bras because they all have teeny-tiny cups claim to be a “C” or “D”. The problem with this bra is that it comes in very low in the front… VERY low. So I was having costumers remorse. Until I stuffed the pink skirt material in my bra, because you know how normal that is! And I came up with this:

I thought it covered up without covering up quite nicely! If I continue the original design (you can see it in the previous post) where those purple satin-looking things come up the sides (I’ll obviously do pink) then it actually makes my chest look smaller. The belt dilemma has sort of been sorted out too! When I did the bra, the style of the belt came to me in a flash! I really like the style of this belt of Sarah Skinner (even though I really don’t like her much…)

I just like that wrap-around effect and the chunky belt buckle. But now I’m not sure if I have the right material… Because when I went with my mom to buy the skirt material, I bought 2m of cerise pink material. We soon realised that it wasn’t enough so I went to another material shop with my sister to buy more of it. And I ended up buying a lighter colour pink… *Whoops!* So I was thinking of making the skirt the cerise pink, and the light pink the wrap around belt. But then I’m worried it’s too pink and not enough purple in it? Your advice?? So many costuming dilemmas! Then I have to get started on my tribal outfit as well… But I need a vision first, and it starts with colour… which I still haven’t decided what to match with the cream colour. Joanna did suggest purple, but after doing this skirt, I’m pretty sick of purple…

I’ll [hopefully] post another blog post next week! One of the reasons I didn’t post a blog last week was because I was annoyed about something belly dance related and I knew that if I wrote a blog post, it would be a rant, and that’s not nice to read. 🙂 I’ll see how class goes this week!


  1. Oood do tell us- I love belly rants! The pink material stuffed in the bra is a fab idea (wish I had the larger chest problem- all my stiff bra cups are half empty when i put them on!) The costume looks beautiful and not cheap at all, trust me. Looking forward to seeing the progression.

  2. Its a great idea.

    I like it a lot. Remember that you are seeing it every day with a critical eye and we are only seeing it in short snapshots so we are more objective!! 🙂

  3. I think it looks really great. The pink is a nice counter colour and by making it a highlight rather than the full coverage, you’re adding a great look (while being completely functional!).

  4. I’m gonna agree with everyone else here – I think the top looks beautiful and certainly not “cheap”. I think the addition of the pink fabric makes it look really luscious, really luxurious.

    I am also really impressed by your dedication in putting this all together. It looks like you’ve spent a lot of time working on it and I find that in and of itself impressive.

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