Lots of news!

Make up has never been a strong point for me. My mom only wears make up when she has a function on, which might be once a year. Both of my sisters aren’t fans of make up so I never really experimented with it growing up. Of course I need those skills now, for dancing! So last night I took out my make up bag (full of cheap bits and pieces) and decided to play around. I think it took me about half an hour to do one eye! Just because I was experimenting with the colours and liquid eye liner (that always takes time!). I eventually came up with this result:

I’m pleased with it, I just wish that I could get either some proper make up or some primer. Because my eye shadow is always way too light and that defeats the purpose quite a bit with dancing! South Africa doesn’t really sell primer, or if they do then it’s in really expensive shops, so I don’t go in! I do like the pink ‘bindi’ style things I have on my eye – It really makes the look! I’ll try some tribal style make up and see how that goes… It takes tons of time for me to get these things right! J

I have two bits of quite exciting news to share! Firstly, after 3 years, I’ve convinced my friend to join a class! Whoo-hoo for me! J Now whether or not she’ll keep it up is another story! But we’ll see how it goes. When I started dance, I used to show her the moves like “This is a hip circle” and then I’d teach her. I also started teaching her a bit of our beginners dance, but it’s difficult to teach a friend when it’s not something serious. But I’m really excited for her to start because it’ll be so nice to have a friend in my class (not that I’m not friends with my classmates, but I don’t exactly go visit them…) because it’ll be nice to share ideas with somebody and then maybe I could actually choreograph a duet!! I do love duets and it’s something I’ve never had the opportunity to do because it takes personal time to do it. It’ll also be nice to make costumes and find bits and pieces with somebody that’s not my mom. Haha!

Second piece of exciting news is that I’m going to be assistant teacher this year! Well, I still need to discuss it with my teacher properly, but she’s keen on me helping out with beginners! I just need to work on my praising skills a bit… I’m quite bad at saying “That’s great, keep it up!”

Oh! And I got my DVD & CDs today! Horaah! I was VERY impressed with the service from Take2‘s USA store. They let me know that they were shipping from their warehouse on the 2nd and I got it today – a day later! They are somewhat linked to Amazon, so their US store really has a lot. Another big plus point was the fact that I paid R45 shipping to my door – so there were no additional charges! Fantastic! 🙂 I’m a bit disappointed with the cabaret CD (in the Beginners Guide to Bellydance collection) because it wasn’t really what I was expecting, a lot of the music sounds a bit generic… but then I guess that’s because I listen to a lot of Beats Antique! 😉 Take a look at my news goodies! I encourage all bellydancers to buy their music, it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve paid for it and it’s YOURS! Nobody can take it away… By all means, listen to it online before buying because it would be silly to just buy anything,  but it’s an industry we should all support!

That’s my news! I’m quite excited to have my friend start out and I’ll let you know if she starts and how it’s going – I just can’t wait to do some choreography together! 😀

I did some drills and a few stretches today so that I can (hopefully) touch my toes!! Shocking, I know… My aim is to be able to do floorwork well (hence the DVD – which is good!) and to be able to sit up straight with my legs straight ahead of me. So I’m feeling quite good about the hour of exercise I did today – and I managed to keep up a shimmy for 3min!! I can really see some improvement in that area because I’ve always struggled to do the ‘proper’ shimmy – i think the knee?- where your stomach and everything wobbles. I love that! And I can finally feel it and see a bit of it! I just really have to concentrate when I do it! haha! I’m going to try and shimmy everyday for a while so that I can build up stamina and get those shimmies looking cabaret-perfect! 🙂



  1. Hey lady,

    wonderful news all round! Props on becoming an assistant teacher, that’s marvellous!

    Your make-up looks really pretty. I would say about primer – in my opinion it doesn’t really do anything that a good foundation won’t do (pretty much) just as well. (But I think they’re snake-oil myself… LOL).

    If you’re interested, I found some really helpful “how-to” make-up videos on youtube a while back. Let me know if you want me to send some links your way.

    Oh! And if you have access to a gym with a ‘vibro-plate’ or similar that can really help speed up the development of your muscle stretching.

  2. Hey there! First time visiting your site. I loved it! It’s very honest and down to earth. (=

    With regard to this last post, I can totally relate. I grew up with three older brothers, (I’m the youngest and only girl), and I never even touched makeup. Still haven’t! I must say though, you did a FANTASTIC job with the eyes. And yes, the bindis are awesome. Lol.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi! Great site!

    Kind Regards,
    Festival Isis de Baile Oriental

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