How far I’ve come

The friend that was supposed to join my bellydance studio’s name is Anria. She ended up joining a class that’s closer to where we live (this studio wasn’t here when I started). She said she might end up coming to my studio because she really wants to do tribal fusion and we’re the only studio in our area which does it (as far as I know). I just wanted to put that bit of info out there because I’ve convinced another friend to join my studio – Roxanne! 🙂 She joined on Tuesday (with the intermediate class) even though she hasn’t taken a class before. Before the class I went to her house so that I could teach her some basic moves to keep up with the class! She picked everything up effortlessly! It made me so proud! Haha! She’s got the moves right, now it’s just work on technique, endurance and perfecting the moves.

Teaching somebody else and realizing how much of what I know is instinct made me appreciate how far I’ve come.  For Roxanne’s next Tuesday class, we’re arriving at the studio early so that I can just help her a little more before the class and while I was preparing my “mini lesson” I realized that there are about 4 different KINDS of hip flicks! It’s absolutely unbelievable! For example, when you’re doing double flicks forward you’re not actually lifting your hip. You’re more pushing it forward… Does this make sense? Slightly bizarre to realize this while explaining it to myself out loud while doing the movement to an Indian/Bollywood style song. Explaining to somebody how to do the “snakey arm” movements and to stand with your feet hip width apart, knees bent, pelvis tucked in makes me realize how much teachers have to work, how much patience they must have and how much they must remember! It also amazes me to see how much of what I’ve learnt over the last 3 years has become second nature to me, as well as names of movements and other terms specific to bellydance. In doing ATS for the last few months I’ve increased my movement vocabulary so much that now we can just say “I’m struggling with aswat in the second piece after the sunanda” and we all know what we’re talking about.

Another thing that I’ve noticed recently in my classes is that out of the original 6 dancers we had in the studio as “regulars” when we started, only 2 of us remain. It’s incredible to see how in sync we are with each other – we can be in a room full of students doing the same thing and the 3 of us (teacher included) are moving as ONE. I turned to my fellow dance student, and said to her “I love how in sync we are.” Now THAT is truly something you can only say to another student that has been dancing for a long time. 🙂

I think for those of us that have been dancing for a long time, especially in a more advanced class and not really having contact with a student from a lower level class (for lack of a better word) we often forget how much there is to learn and how difficult it was in the beginning for us to learn all of these things which have become second nature. We can so easily take that for granted and just forget how far we’ve come, because we’re always so busy focusing on how far we have to go. 🙂 So I think you should give yourself a pat on the back and look back at past performances to realize how far you’ve come – or even help out in a lower class level to realize how much of bellydance has become second nature.

After our first performance as Maya - Nov 2007

March 2010 - After a performance class

Click for full view - My Bellydance timeline

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