More costuming & other boring things

Hello, hello! My last few posts have been rather serious, and I’m sorry about that! I realise it can be boring to read serious thoughts all of the time! So I decided to write something a lot more light hearted! I’ve been working (not particularly hard) on my pink/purple bra mentioned in a previous post and have gotten a lot done! 🙂 now I just need to put the purple sequins on the purple part and I’ll be done! Oh, and naturally a few touch ups where the middle part glued on silver sequins have fallen off! Here, I’ll show you!

Bra! Horaah!

As you can tell, I’m very proud. 🙂 I’m also doing a side project – another bra – but just for practicing. I swore I’d never perform in it… but I already like it! It’s got what I call “sailor stripes” on it. It’s just that feel… they’re vertical, relatively thin stripes.

The pink bits on the purple bra turned out a lot smoother than what I initially wanted… but I like it more like this. For some reason, the material just wasn’t working with me to create it evenly on both sides. What do you guys think of my little solution? I’m very pleased with it, especially considering that it’s my first time sewing ANYTHING… ever! *smiles* I’m proud of myself! Definitely not something my friends can say! (that they can sew) so horaah for me!

Oh, am also planning (on top of everything!) to make two other bras. One with a maroon base and cream accents, the other a cream base with maroon accents. Which should I do first? I’ve scrapped my first tribal bra because (like an idiot) I cut off the real bra straps and now the damn thing doesn’t fit properly *shrugs*.

I’m averaging 250 views a month – thanks so much guys… It really means a lot to me that I have people reading my blog! Much love!! xoxo

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