Finished, klaar, done, finito!

Who cares if I spelt “finito” correctly? Hah! My bra is now finished being sequined!!!

I’m very proud of myself because this took ages to do! The purple sequins alone took 4 hours each side (admittedly, I was watching TV, so I could’ve been distracted… 😉 ) But the important thing is that it’s all DONE! I just need to make the circle skirt and then the belt… 0_o Which is going to scare me senseless, but it’s alright. 🙂 For now I don’t feel like I have to finish the belt – it can wait. What I really want to do now is make some pantaloons and a tribal bra. 🙂

So what do you think?


  1. Good job! It looks stunning! Don’t envy u at all though LOL. I’m still trying to finish a blue sequinned belt that I’ve been working on for ages. The beaded fringing is driving me insane! I have a total mental block to that costume at the moment. I find that my tribal costumes go much quicker cos they’re what inspire me at the moment and it doesn’t take as much planning and fussing 🙂

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