International Bellydance Day preparation!

So the 8th of May is looming closer and closer! Is everybody ready?

Last week I was struck with inspiration for red velvet and gold lace! It sounds god-awful, I know! But we all know that belly dance costumes can have god-awful colour mixes and then look amazing – so I was kinda banking on it! I couldn’t find red velvet (honestly!) so I just settled on a maroon coloured material and denim for a base. Getting gold lace was also a nightmare, but I settled on something that LOOKS gold — not the exact colours that I was going for. But hey, you have to make compromises sometimes!

Details of belt!

Belt from the front - photo taken by my mom, so a bit shakey!

Back of belt - finished!

The front part of the belt is still under construction – I won’t be doing fringing in the front because I don’t want it to look TOO cabaret (but I DO love fringe… it’s so purdy!) I want to add some tribal decorations to it, but I’m not sure which… I don’t know whether I should do chains or just a medallion type of thing… Well I’ll figure it out! And for the rest of the outfit, we’re going to use crop tops that we could all buy at a local shop. But I still want to make a bra for the upcoming haffla! *YAY!*

So I’ve also done a run through with make up for this performance – gold and black – but I it makes my eyes look tiny! So I’ll have to try again! Here are some shots of what I did (it’s done with incredibly cheap make up – but it’s SO pretty!) My eyes are really small, but since it’s stage make up, I can’t really use the normal suggestions for make up for small eyes. I’ll just keep playing and then I’ll keep you posted!

Gold & Black

One comment

  1. Re: eye makeup – have you tried using white eyeliner above the lashes on your lower eyelid? It tends to open up the eyes.

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