International Bellydance Day 2010

I’ve been putting this blog post off for a while because I’m not entirely sure what to write! I have a lot on my mind at the moment in regards to belly dance, and I want to write about it, but I suppose I should write this review first!

As usual, it was fabulous, loads of fun and great to see all the Cape Town studios dance! There were stalls selling all kinds of shiny things! There were people selling food, drinks, jewelery, bras, belts, skirts and tons of things I never even saw!

Some veil dancers (not sure who they are... sorry!)

There were LOTS of veil dances at this year’s IBDD! Quite surprising because last year there were practically none! Funny how that happens, hey?

Layali !

It was their last performance with Lara (in green) which is heartbreaking because they work so well together as the group! But it’s great news for Lara, who is pregnant with her second child! Yep… there’s a baby in that belly! I can only hope I have a body like that after one kid!

These girls did a cute beledi piece (this is beledi right?)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics (at the moment) of us performing because the people who were there taking photos are uploading them over a period of time… *tears hair out*

You can read more about IBDD on Roxanne’s blog!

Anria and I on the way home

And then just before I go, I would like to point you all in the direction of Geka Jewelery, I’m not entirely sure if they ship, but they have reasonably priced (GORGEOUS) tribal jewelery! They’re incredibly friendly and very willing to help! Over the past few months they’ve put up with me just browsing (until Saturday, I bought some small bra decorations)! 🙂

Please support them and check them out! And sorry for this rather boring post… I have loads more to say that isn’t about IBDD!

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