Layali Haffla 2010

Layali had a hafla (or is that Haffla?) on the 20th of May and Maya was invited to dance! We had one slot, and 11 days to prepare, so we just did our dance from the International Bellydance Day which I am officially sick of after doing it for the last 2 months! Luckily, we started on a new dance last week (although I’m not mad about it yet).

Roxanne and I

I asked Roxanne from Shimmies, Sequins & Slippers for a photo because we’ve never actually been photographed together and to our readers, we may as well not know each other!! After gushing about each other a bit in the interval, we chatted as well because we realised that although we read each other’s blogs, follow each other on Twitter and are Facebook friends, we’ve only ever spoken to each other a handful of times! But isn’t it amazing how you get to know people through those great social sites, but hardly ever talk in person? 🙂

I really enjoyed the Haffla that night. As much as I love the Oriental Festival in October and the International Bellydance Day in May, I prefer the smaller haffla’s because it’s so much more intimate and you get to chat to the dancers afterwards, where at the big festivals, it’s difficult. I loved that there were all sorts of styles and types of people. SOMA wowed me – they were great! I also asked them for a photo because I don’t have one with them and unfortunately the light was pretty bad so I had to use my flash on the pictures. Shame, I had to ask Roxanne and Soma about 4 times for a photo because they didn’t come out clearly.

Elisha, Alex (me), Marissa

The rest of the photos are also pretty bad, I was trying out techniques for my photography assignments, and the lighting wasn’t great, so it bombed a bit. But I got a FEW decent shots, I think.

Marissa, from SOMA. I just want to steal their outfits...

Lara, the owner & teacher of Layali who is sadly leaving 😦 . I LOVE that she danced even though she's pregnant.

Karen aka Jamilla who will be taking over Layali from Lara. (I think... i may have misunderstood)

I’ve seen Jamilla at so many performances, but never known who she was! I THINK she is Karen, who is taking over Layali after Lara leaves.

I’m really excited to see what happens with the studio, because with a different teacher, comes a different style and method! I DO have something more exciting to post about later, but I just wanted to finish writing about this. 😀
Stay tuned to Roxanne’s blog, as she is bound to write a post about this!


  1. I like this photo of us Alex- do you mind if I use it at some stage? Great pics by the way, esp the one of Marissa- beautiful! Was a great night and nice to get to chat in person for a change. By the way- Jamillah is Karen- and yes she is taking over Layali- so you were correct! See you soon xxx

    1. Of course you can use the photo! 🙂 It was so tough to get good photos because dancers move bloody fast! haha! 😉 See ya! xoxo

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