Sewing 1 – Blog 0

It’s so typical that the minute I start getting my creative juices flowing in other aspects, my inspiration completely dries up for this blog! I have written about 4 or 5 different blog posts that I ended up scrapping because I wasn’t “feeling it”.

The inspiration for my sewing has been pretty high lately and I desperately want to get to a fabric shop because I have crazy ideas! Unfortunately, I probably need to travel around a bit to get some decent fabric because the selection we have at our local shop is rather dismal. I mean, you can do a lot with it, but often times the trimmings are pretty generic and don’t look great most of the time. I’m a little lazy this morning and I don’t feel like hauling my camera out to take photos of my sewing so I’ve decided that it’ll be a secret! Convenient, eh? But I did take some photos with my webcam of the fabric and the handiwork on the inside of my bra.

Fabric, isn't it pretty! - please excuse my sleepy face, I just woke up. 🙂

Ugly inside of the bra - can't wait to cover that up with something

I still need to do the straps, but the side straps are done! I used denim as my base, after asking around a bit I found it would work fine. A lot of people suggested grosgrain ribbon, but I thought I’d go for denim for this one and then see how it holds up. I was going to have a double layer of it, but after cutting one layer, I realised it might be enough. Like I said, I’ll see how it holds up – it’s all about experimentation!

Writing this blog post is actually making me really amped to work on my bra! [“amped” – you can see how hanging out with BMXers is rubbing off on me!]

I taught my first beginners class last week! It was NERVE wrecking! 2 people in the class, and one of the woman has danced before, but stopped dancing when she had her 2 kids so it’s a little challenging. This week, I was really sick so I asked the studio owner to take over my class and apparently only 1 person was there [the experienced one] so that might make my lesson planning a little easier because I can make it more challenging for her. I have much more respect for teachers now that I’ve tried, because to reach a class in a way that everybody can understand takes skill. I think teaching is something you either can or can’t do – not something you learn! Well… obviously you can learn it, but for some it’s more natural than others.

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Much love!

One comment

  1. SOOoo lucky!

    We did sewing and stuff at school, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body (I swear, my mum says I would burn lettuce) If I attempted these things I would have my fingers full of holes and the lovely cloth stained in blood! :-/

    Love the blog, dear. Keep the creative juices flowing 🙂



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