Say whaa? Versatile Blogger, apparently!

I procrastinate. I’m almost famous for it! So when I saw that Roxanne over at Shimmies, Sequins and Slippers had nominated me for a “Versatile Blogger” award, I was overjoyed and then I closed my web browser and said “I’ll do it later!” Today I saw that Kis over at Kismetisms Emporium of the Old had nominated me too and then I remembered Roxanne had also nominated me and I had forgotten. So I’m sorry Roxanne – here I am, doing it 3 weeks late! Thank you to both Roxanne and Kis for the lovely nomination! 🙂

Nomination Conditions:

(*) Thank whoever gave you the award

(*) Share seven things about yourself

(*) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs

(*) Let your nominees know about the award

7 Things about me!

1) I was born prematurely (by about 7 weeks) and as a result, my intestines hadn’t properly developed. I always describe it by referring to cartoons where somebody stands on a hose pipe and the other side just fills up with water until it bursts? Well that’s pretty much what happened to me. As a result, I have a 17cm (6.7inches) scar across my stomach. When I was 9, I had serious stomach pains – I don’t think I slept for about a week. 99% of the doctors we went to said that I was faking because I didn’t want to go to school. One doctor realised that there was a problem – scar tissue was interfering with something or other. So I had another surgery – luckily they used the same scar. 🙂 [My mom jokes that I just need two more surgeries and then the doctors can play O’s and X’s on my stomach!] I also had the terrible luck of having ears which stuck out. I was teased mercilessly and my parents said they could see me becoming more of an introvert as a result. My parents begged with the principal to move the boy who was causing the problems to another class but he refused and pretty much said I should “suck it up.” The year after my second surgery (when I was 10) I had another surgery – this time cosmetic! I had my ears pinned back and because it was plastic surgery the medical aid didn’t pay for it. My parents said it was one of the best investments they ever made – I am really lucky!! So now for your enjoyment, here is a picture of me with my “volksie with the doors open” ears! 🙂

I was 8 years old here

2) I LOVE old music. Big band just makes me so excited it’s ridiculous! How can you not love THIS? [FYI, that’s Louis Prima, who played King Louis in the jungle book! Don’t you love the way they play off each other?] I love old black and white movies like Anchors Aweigh, Gigi, Casablanca, An American in Paris, anything with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly in is good! Gene Kelly is SUCH a dish… and he can dance! *swoon!* [Keep in mind, when that movie was made, it was 1944 – check out how PERFECT that dancing is! There was no such thing as “copy paste” – Gene Kelly had to get that all spot on!]

Because I love you guys - here is a pic to swoon over!

3) My middle name is Chavva. That’s two V’s and not a W! It comes from the Hebrew “Chava” or “Hava” which is the Hebrew equivalent of “Eve” from the Bible, directly meaning “first life.” 🙂 The things you learn, eh? 🙂

4) I don’t like children. And before you shout at me, I have never liked children. I’m sure one day I’ll want children… but I really don’t like them. Anybody under 10 years old is painful for me to be around. Babies and toddlers actually scare me. Senseless. I don’t know what I’m going to do when my sisters have kids… Hide, perhaps?

5) I am a Libra [6 October] and I’m a painful one. I like balance in a lot of things that I do, which is probably why I don’t go out a lot… It also may explain the fact that I’ve never taken drugs or gotten drunk — I’m just not interested! I think I’m considered boring… oh well! I’ll just sit at home and sew!

6) I hardly ever cry. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve cried in the last 2 years. That has earned me the nickname “Ice Queen” at school – har har guys. Although with the last break up (about a month ago) I bawled like a baby. Reminded me why I don’t cry – it’s horrible. I do have feelings, I promise, but I have a low bullshit tolerance level and that’s probably what makes people think I have no feelings.

7) I’m addicted to trashy romance novels. I can’t get enough of their clichéd story lines and cheesy dialogue! I also like Romantic Comedy’s… a lot. If I go into a video shop or a library I head straight for the colourful covers and quirky titles. It’s a disease, I tell you! Not that I don’t enjoy reading and watching other things… I’m just ALWAYS in the mood for a romantic comedy. 🙂


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I can only come up with 11, but there are many more that I never bookmarked… I’ll go searching again and then let you know who they are! 🙂 (If I don’t procrastinate myself silly.)

Hope you enjoyed reading about me, and now that you know my whole life story, you can stop reading this blog. Hehe!



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