Oriental Festival 2010

The last couple of weeks have been insanely hectic with regards to dance [and just about everything else, actually!]. There have been last minute rehearsals, costuming late into the night and practicing all in preparation for one of the biggest festivals of the year, The International Oriental Dance Festival.

My favourite stall, Geka Jewelery!

I furiously made a new costume – bra and belt set for the festival as well as ordering pants and making a skirt. It was a success, although incredibly stressful as I only finished the belt the day before the festival! We had a bit of a fiasco with the pants though, which disappointed me! I got chocolate brown pants from this vendor before [custom made!] and I love them! They fit beautifully and move really well! So about a month or so ago, the studio put a huge order in for pants and asked if they could be ready for the festival. The vendor agreed and got to work. We were to pick them up on the Monday afternoon during the week of the festival, but when we phoned she hadn’t finished the pants. Again, on Thursday we were told to fetch the pants in Cape Town. We phoned again only to have the vendor tell us that the pants aren’t finished! Eventually on Friday evening [the day before the festival] we received our pants. As much as I love the style, I feel that the vendor was unreliable and added unnecessary stress to us for the festival.

To top things off, one of the dancers in our troupe dropped out of the performance for personal reasons and we had to change the dance to suit one less person [we had a piece that was done in pairs] the Tuesday before the festival! So everything was a little bit rushed, but I think we managed ok!

When we arrived at the festival, we saw that the stage had moved to a different spot [well, the same spot it was in 2 years ago] so I think they might alternate the stage space, although I did prefer it where it was last year, as it was easier for people to stop and watch and also easier for people to take photos and videos! Besides the stage being a bit wobbly, and being INCREDIBLY nervous, I think our performances went well!

My boyfriend, Dennis, came to watch and it’s the first time I had a boyfriend see me dance! He’s incredibly supportive and watched a LOT of belly dancing with me and didn’t complain once! [Except when he got hungry…]

On the Sunday I arrived just in time to perform, did my thing and then sat down to watch SOMA perform. They’re always brilliant, and this was the first time I’d see them perform without Marissa [one of the principal dancers] and they did a stunning job, as usual! I just love their energy and stage presence – definitely something I want to work on!

Here are a couple of pictures of the festival!

Some of the stalls

They had great stalls there, my favourite being Geka Jewellery, I always go and stand at their stall and stare. It’s run by Kash from SOMA and her husband, George. They’re incredibly friendly people and they’re completely OK with me standing and oogling at their jewellery, because they know that I’ll support then and buy something eventually. [When I win the Lotto, of course!]


These swords are what I want with all my heart! At R700, I will need to save up for a rather long time! But I’m adamant that I’m going to save up and I’m going to learn to sword dance. This stall was run by Habiba Belly dance Supplies, who are also incredibly friendly. It’s run by a woman named Lindy who I added as a friend on Facebook, I was talking to her about the swords when I stopped halfway through the conversation and I said “Wait! I have you as a friend on Facebook!” I do love it when that happens, because it’s always nice to put a name and a picture to a face and a voice!


The amazing Michelle!

I’m telling you – these girls are so easy to take photos of, because they just always look good!!

And finally, a photo of Dennis and I in the car [waiting at a friend’s house] and then a photo of me in studio with my new dance outfit! 😀 Let me know what you think!

N'aww! 😀

Self portrait session


  1. I am convinced that we are kindred spirits…I too am both a photographer and beginner belly dancer 🙂 Excellent photos and I love your blog!

    1. Awesome!! 🙂 We must be kindred spirits then – great to meet a fellow photographer and dancer! Thanks for reading my blog! The images on your website are great too! 🙂

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