A few of my favourite links (Part 2)

So about… a million years ago I wrote this post: These are a few of my favourite links. Which I thought was a particularly clever play on the song from The Sound of Music, These are a few of my favourite things. But now I’m over trying to be clever in blog post titles and I just want to say whatever I want to say!

Since I work from home (whenever I do WORK) – I spend a lot of time on the internet, doing research *cough cough*, looking for inspiration and other (not so interesting) things. I also spend a lot of my time on YouTube, so here are a few of my favourite video links – videos I cannot stop watching! (listed in no particular order)

1. Rahel 3-part Bellydance

I found this … somehow on YouTube when I was doing one of my regular searches for anything belly dance related. I really liked her performance, she dances really effortlessly and moves very fluidly from one movement to the next. She also smiles and interacts with the audience a bit – which is great! I don’t know much about her, but since I’m (fairly) well connected on Facebook, I can usually just type in a bellydancer’s first name and her profile or fan page will come up. So here is a link to her fan page! Rahel Dance. She has a few more videos on her facebook page if you’re interested. 🙂

2. Ultra Gypsy Mazamir Bellydance

Of course, Jill Parker and Ultra Gypsy are legends in their own right, but I honestly just can’t get enough of this dance! It’s really cheeky and fun, and the attitude emitting from all the dancers adds a great atmosphere to it. A lot of the moves they do are fairly simple moves – there’s nothing super complicated BUT it makes for a great performance anyway. Which just goes to show that you don’t need smoke and mirrors to make a great performance.

3. Rachel Brice Tribal Fest ’09

I know I’ve posted this video before, but I love it and I have since I first laid eyes on it. At first sight, I knew this video would land up in my “favourites”… forever. *ahem* I am a self confessed Rachel groupie and after every Tribal Fest, I eagerly wait until her video is up on YouTube and then I ferociously attack it and watch it on repeat. I am a firm believer in that if you watch videos a lot, you start to pick up on the habits displayed in the video – and thats exactly what I am hoping to do. I LOVE the music in this video, especially from about 3.05 onwards – it’s such FUN music!

4. Cassandra Fox – Baladi Sagaran Bellydance

I’m not sure if I’ve posted a link to this amazing dancer before, but she really is incredible. She was taught by her Jamaican grandmother to “rolls her hips” – as she put it – and has loved dance ever since. She doesn’t like to describe her style, but I’d say its a Caribbean Fusion and to be honest, it’s not for everybody, but that’s ok. She does what she loves, and she has fun doing it. Her bellydance moves are always executed beautifully and she throws enough Caribbean flare in there to keep it interesting! She has a YouTube channel, which has a lot more videos and you can check it out here. I don’t know what it was about this particular video that drew me in, but it did and I keep watching it for inspiration!

5. Dancer Unknown – Alf Leila wa Leila

This dancer is amazing and awesome and everything you want to be…….. Ok… it’s me. 😀 My latest video, done this weekend at a High Tea. I was going to do 2 improv performances but my CD didn’t work, so I had to use my backup, which only had 2 songs on it, of which 1 was a choreography. I couldn’t post the choreography because we’re not allowed to post troupe choreographies online. Comment and let me know what you think! 🙂

Comment below and let me know what some of YOUR favourite videos are and if you even liked any of mine! 🙂



  1. Thank you for posting your favorites. I enjoyed them all . Rachel is my favorite , I like the your video , your moves and your costume is so perfect with the music . You have inspired me , along with my coffee to execute some very cool moves in my house1 yes the dreaded house work dance !!!

  2. Oh I’m so flattered and honoured to make your list:)
    Some of my favourite videos.
    One of my favourite videos and my absolute favourite dancer, Natalia Fadda

    Daria Mitskevich kicking some drum solo butt, also one of my favourite drum solos!

    And Kahina dancing to an awesome version of Wahastini

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