When the boyfriend is away, the bellydancer will… sew?

This will mark my fourth attempt at a blog post in the last month. Except this time I actually have something to post about instead of vague thoughts on a virtual piece of paper.


I have a performance coming up – my first tribal fusion solo. I’m really very nervous for it because I am having a struggle with my bellydance identity and a whole lot of other things, but that is a blog post for another time. So… in order to cheer myself up, I bought some gorgeous fabric! (Of course, what else do you do when you’re upset at life?) This inspired me to make a new dance bra. I had the bra at home, the shiney new fabric, tons of scraps at home to use. I have spent a total of R40 on this costume so far, simply by using leftovers and a bra that didn’t fit my mom anymore. Score!


On Tuesday, the love of my life, Dennis, left to go 700km to shoot an advert for TV. Of course, I buried my head in my bra and got to work in the hopes of distracting myself. I watched Top Gear, 3 episodes of “The Killing”, Letters to Juliet and Mr and Mrs Smith during the making of this bra. Of course there were huge gaps where I just watched the TV instead of sewing and plenty of times when I looked up at the screen and stabbed myself with a needle. Also, I think my eyesight is getting worse, because I’m struggling to see when I sew, although I think I can safely blame that on sewing black on black. It aint easy, folks!

Bleeding fingers and near blindness aside, I have enjoyed making this costume. I love the shape of it, and I think that this is the kind of bra I will use to make more costumes. It’s very easy to work with and it has a nice shape and form to it. It probably took around 4 hours to get do as far as you can see in the photos.

As it is Friday afternoon and I have a huge piece of choreo missing… (oops!) I need to get along with doing that instead of being lazy and sitting around typing this blog post! 🙂


Making new straps...


Pins in place for covering


My entertainment - Top Gear.


It needs much more work, but I'm happy with it for now! Later I will add some silver sequins or something.

I will be taking my camera with me on Saturday to the performance to get some backstage shots and general faffing around. 🙂 Then I will hopefully have a blog post on Monday!

Hope everybody has a great weekend and I hope you forgive me for the long gap between blog posts… I still love you all!




  1. Short blog and by the way Monday is behind us now so where is the next bit. Want to hear how the performance went. Sorry I couldn’t get to see it.

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