Tribal Jewellery

Any tribal dancer who reads my blog will know how difficult it is to find something that looks authentic for a decent price. Too often, I find cheap looking tribal jewellery pieces that are chipping or have cheap faded plastic pieces. On the other hand, you often find the most exquisite pieces and they’ll cost you an arm and a leg – and honestly, who has that kind of money?

So… recently George, owner of GEKA Trading Tribal Jewellery, has been doing amazing specials with his Tribal (and even non-tribal) things! You’re looking at a collection of items with a value of over R800 for around R400! I’m going to post a few photos of the specials from the last week…

Miao Silver!

I was SO close to buying this... SUCH a great deal at R380! (Approx. 38 Euros)

George does ship internationally, as far as I know. The shop is located at 7 Rheede Street, Shop 3 in Rheede Mall in Gardens, Cape Town. So if you’re not from around here but are coming for the Oriental Festival – I suggest making GEKA one of your stops! If you have any questions, send George an email and ask! He’s super friendly and supports the local dancers like you won’t believe – seriously one of the nicest people I know!

If you don’t see something you like in the specials, you should check out GEKA’s Facebook page – I can guarantee you’ll find something there!

See? It's not just for the Tribally Inclined!

If you’re not a Tribal gal, but know of one that doesn’t read my blog, send her these links – I’m sure she’d appreciate it! Hell, even if you’re not into Tribal, there are some amazing silver pieces that are to DIE for that are perfect for somebody with more of a cabaret flare!

I hope that this post brightened your Monday, and inspired you to put some money towards some quality Tribal things!


I want to live in this shop...


  1. Damn it, damn it. I’m not a dancer but I really fancy some of those pieces for myself. No birthday till next year but wait Christmas is just around the corner! Mmmm me thinks a little request in certain corners might work.
    Any tribal dancer would kill for some of those stunning pieces

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