A Belly Dancer Special!

As most of you know, besides being a dancer and teacher, I am also a photographer. That is infact my career. 🙂

A few weeks ago, Kash from Rhythm Nouveau Dance Company got hold of me and asked me to be a sponsor for Miss Belly Dance South Africa! The idea being that a Cape Town winner would win a photoshoot with me. A location shoot to the value of more than R1500!  So I came up with this bright idea to celebrate my sponsorship. I would do a bellydancer’s special! I am doing a 20% off ALL photoshoots (if you’re a bellydancer!).


I’ve done this so that the dancer’s who are coming down for the Oriental Dance Festival in October can also book shoots while they’re here.


If you’re wondering “Why should I ask you to take photos of me, when I have a hundred photographers in my area that can do it for me?” Here’s why!

I am a dancer. I understand how dancer’s move, I know what looks good, I know what poses to suggest – you don’t have to be uncomfortable with me, or worry about somebody looking at you strangely. I can GUARANTEE that I will get beautiful pictures of you! I am very good at what I do, and I have a passion for it.


Even if you’re not from SA (or the Western Cape), you can like my photography page here: Alexandra Graham Photography


I promise to have a proper post up soon! 🙂 Hope everybody is well!









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