Lists and links

These are a few of my favourite links!

I’ve noticed that I get the inspiration to write at least once a week – which is great because it’s becoming more of a habit! In this post, I want to just give you guys some of my favourite links, because I know that I love looking at everything belly dance, and I’m sure you do too!


Since I’m a blog writer myself, I always like to read and support other belly dance blogs. Here are four that I keep regular tabs on – if you have a blog then send me a link! I’d LOVE to read it!

  • Roxanne‘s blog is called “Shimmies, sequins & slippers” and is about her life as a belly dancer. It’s really interesting to read her blogs because often her and I end up at the same events – and it’s always good to hear what others have to say!
  • Lorna’s blog is written by a Scottish born belly dancer who performs and lives in Cairo! VERY interesting read to see what her life as a professional performer is all about!
  • Joanna Ashleigh’s blog revolves around many things, it started out as a place to put inspirational quotes and now it’s a yoga-journal. She describes her classes and how she feels about them, I really like this blog because its REAL – she says how she feels.
  • I came across Shelley’s blog because she had commented on my last post! I got pretty excited when I saw that she had a blog too and I read a couple of posts immediately. She writes about exactly what we all really write about – costuming, inspiration, trials and triumphs!

YouTube videos:

First bellydance video I can remember watching, I just thought that she had great stage personality:

First tribal dancer I saw: (fell in love!)

Saw this a few days ago for the first time and thought that it was really awesome:

The most incredible belly rolls I have EVER seen!

Well those are my links, if you want to see more of my favourite videos you can visit my YouTube channel [please visit, comment, rate and favourite! It really means a lot to me!] and check out my videos, or my favourites! 🙂

Hope everybody has a fantastic week! Will write a new post by this weekend!